Plenary Talks

Hannes Alfvén Prize 2019

V. Malka1,2, T. Tajima3

1Weizmann Institute of Science, ISRAEL 2Université Paris Saclay, FRANCE 3University of California, Irvine, USA
I1.001 Laser plasma accelerators

Plasma Physics Innovation Prize

H. Baránková, L. Bardos

Uppsala University, SWEDEN
I2.005 Hollow Cathode Plasma Processes and Applications

Plenary Talks

P. Mantica

ISTP Milano - CNR (former IFP-CNR) - ITALY
I1.002 Progress and challenges in understanding core transport in tokamaks in support to ITER operations

J. Egedal

University of Wisconsin-Madison - USA
I1.003 Exploring driven collisionless reconnection in the Terrestrial Reconnection Experiment (TREX)

J. Benedikt

Kiel University - GERMANY
I1.004 Mass spectrometry and plasma chemistry of atmospheric pressure plasma jets

J. Fuchs

I2.006 Magnetized laser plasmas for laboratory astrophysics

P. Muggli

I3.007 First acceleration of electrons in the plasma wakefield of a proton bunch in the AWAKE project

O. Grulke

I3.008 Wendelstein 7-X - towards high-density, long-pulse operation

K. Ferriere

I4.010 Plasma turbulence in the interstellar medium

T. Grismayer

Technical University of Lisbon - PORTUGAL
I4.011 Beyond a classical description of plasma physics: What does QED bring and change?

C. Riccardi

University of Milano-Bicocca - ITALY
I5.012 Plasma Techniques for Nanostructured Materials

A. Loarte

ITER Organisation - FRANCE
I5.013 The ITER Research Plan and supporting R&D in present experiments

D. Batani

Bordeaux University - Talence - FRANCE
I5.014 The shock ignition approach to laser fusion: status and progress

K. Ida

I5.015 Interplay between MHD and turbulence in plasmas